FED EX/UPSP Package Handling After it Leaves Our Warehouse AND Placement of DELIVERED packages at your home or office


We use either FED EX or USPS for all of our USA Shipping

Once a package leaves our warehouse, we have zero control over how that package is handled throughout its transit to you

We are not responsible for the condition of the packages upon arrival

any damages to products inside must be submitted with photos within 2 days of the package tracking delivery date

send to:  Support@RockinWellness .com


Since we personally do not deliver packages to your home or office, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE to where the Fed Ex delivery person or USPS mailman PLACES your package.

If you have specific needs for your packages, it is your responsibility to call either Fed Ex or USPS with the tracking number we provide as soon as the package ships out and make arrangements for where you want your package placed upon delivery.

We also suggest leaving a LARGE NOTE with instructions in case you do not have the tie to call or cannot get through

We have ZERO control over your local delivery personal 

We are not responsible for stolen or lost packages if the tracking number says delivered and in many instances, Fed Ex provides a photo of the delivery site

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