International Orders


We do not ship direct internationally, due to the recent rise in different countries, rules, regulations, duties & taxes being charged to buyers and sellers as well as the complex customs rules and regulations for each individual country.

Rockin' Wellness recommends working with a 3rd party company such as to handle order fulfillment outside of the US. They give you a USA mailing address, and then forward the packages direct to you and you pay the shipping costs & taxes/duties direct.  We have had many satisfied international customers use this service.  

PLEASE NOTE: Once a package we ship leaves the USA, Rockin' Wellness is no longer responsible for the delivery time-frame, any issues with customs, the condition of the delivered package, lost or misguided packages or any associated fees/taxes/duties.  If you decide to use this service, please note you are using at your own risk.

Read their fine print disclaimer for further details, customs regulations for your country & additional rules & restrictions.

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