Please see this independent comparison article done giving Rockin Wellness an "A" rating for heavy metals…

Proposition 65 is a California State ONLY requirement, covering products sold in the State of California.  Proposition 65 requires manufacturers to provide warnings to customers if a product contains certain chemicals determined by California only - NOT the FDA or the Federal Government - that may cause reproductive harm or birth defects.  

Our products fully comply with applicable Federal, National & International guideline standards.  Rockin’ Wellness is now required to provide a warning for California only, because the amount of lead and/or cadmium in such products may exceed the unreasonably stringent standards of Proposition 65.  The presence of these low levels of chemicals necessitates warnings only. Prop 65 does not ban the sale or use of Rockin’ Wellness products for health or safety reasons.  

These “chemicals” are very common and naturally occurring in some of our ingredients.  For example, lead & cadmium are NATURALLY OCCURRING heavy metals that exist in soil, air & rocks - in essence, the earth - and are all around us, at all times.  These naturally occurring deposits are in farm grown foods such as green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, kale) & surface root crops (carrots, potatoes), etc.  There is no way to extract it from the natural food source. 
Rockin’ Wellness uses all natural ingredients with no preservatives, and does not intentionally add any of the above said, to our products 
Our products are manufactured safely in accordance to the manufacturing and safety guidelines established by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Please note:  Proposition 65 is a “right to know” statute that requires companies to provide warnings and that inclusion of a warning label does not mean that the product is unsafe.  To our knowledge Rockin’ Wellness has only enhanced our customers’ health & wellness - and our customers’ safety & well-being is our #1 priority. 

About Proposition 65 
This Act was created in 1986 and was called the California Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act and many believe it was created as a way for the State to recover additional funds via fines & civil penalties for companies not in compliance with the unreasonable guidelines set by the Environmental Research Center (ERC); a privately run “public interest” group.  The law has been criticized for the proliferation of "bounty hunter" lawsuits. California attorneys have collected more than two-thirds of the money paid by businesses to settle Proposition 65 lawsuits since 2000. 

Between 2000 and 2010 business paid more than $142,000,000 to settle Prop 65 cases, a figure that does not include the amount paid from cases that went to trial.  Almost $90,000,000 or 68% of the settlement money went to attorney’s fees.

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